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Case Materials:

2022 Case Materials – Coming October 1st!

2021 COMPETITION RULES – 11.23.20 – red
2020 Updated Rules of Evidence
For case questions & clarifications, contact:


Courtroom Artist Contest

2021 Courtroom Artist Contest Rules – 11.23.20

Regions hosting a 2020 Courtroom Artist Contest are below:

  • Region 1 (Edinburg)
  • Region 2 (Corpus Christi)
  • Region 4 (Houston)
  • Region 5 (Beaumont)
  • Region 7 (Tyler)
  • Region 10 (North Texas)
  • Region 11 (Fort Worth)
  • Region 12 (Waco)
  • Region 19 (El Paso)
  • Region 20 (San Antonio)
  • Dallas ISD

November Clinic Info:

This year’s clinic will be virtual! Check out the information below!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

2020 November Clinic Info Flyer

November 2020 Clinic Case

Mock Trial Clinic Prep Tips


How to Get Started:

How to Start a Mock Trial Team – 2022

2021 – 2022 Competition Timeline

Mock Trial Training Manual

New Teacher-Coach Handbook

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Mock Trial Program Brochure

Mock Trial 101


Competition Materials:

Competition Guidelines & Summary of Rules

Regional Entry Form – PDF

Regional Entry Form – Word
2021 Team Roster Form – PDF

2021 Team Roster Form – Word
Code of Conduct (Every team must complete and give to their Regional Coordinator prior to the Competition)
Score Sheet, Explanation, & Criteria for the Judges

Trial Sequence & Time Limits


Timekeeper Materials:

Timekeeper Guidelines from a Timekeeper
Timekeeper Responsibilities
Timekeeping Sheet (Bring multiple copies to the competition)
Time Card Use Sheet
Time Card Number Template


Helpful Materials for Team Coaches:

Tasks of Teacher-Coaches
Attorney Adviser Guidelines

Mock Trial Coaching Tips

Impeaching a Witness

Introduction of Exhibits

Fundraising Letter

Attorney Adviser Recruitment Letter

Mock Trial Resources:

Putting on Mock Trials – American Bar Association Guide

The Articulate Advocate – The mock trial coach’s bundle  has handouts, videos, and a coach’s copy of The Articulate Advocate
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